Monday, June 4, 2012

Horrific Holocaust

The Holocaust, was the mass murdering of Jews under the Nazi regime during the period of 1941-45. However, mistreatment of Jews as scapegoats has been a occurrence throughout history, Adolf Hitler simply brought it to a larger scale upon his rise to power. Despite popular belief The Holocaust was not simply a 4 year event starting from the first death, however it took place beginning on January 30, 1933 when Hitler first rose to power - to May 8, 1945 when the war in Europe officially ended.. With the power he recieved as chancellor, Hitler unleashed a barrage of orders putting the cruelty of Jews, The Holocaust, in motion till his death in 1945.

These events are as followed: 

The Holocaust, the word "holocaust" being a word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire", truly originated in Hitler's youth. As a young man he applied to the Vienna Academy of Art only to be rejected; convinced that it was a Jewish professor that had rejected his artwork. This assumption coupled with his belief that a Jewish doctor had been responsible for his mother's death, as well as jealousy of the luxurious lifestyle Jews lived. It was at this stage in his life - about 1908 - that he developed a hatred of Jews, Anti-Semitism. Upon his rise to power he spread these Anti-Semitic views, to the level of associating it with German national pride. Soon minds were corrupted with propaganda, or simply pressured and Anti-Semitic views lead to a strong dislike of Jews from elderly to youth followers; inciting bullying, vandalizing, discrimination, etc. 

Once Hitler had enough individuals on his side the cruelty began, Jews were forced to identify themselves as such only to be rounded up and forced into cramped, dirty neighborhoods known as ghettos; the richer managing to flee Europe all together for their freedom. Kristallnacht, was the turning point in the Holocaust, as it was a night of organized extreme violence as Jews, it marked the point of no return. As Hitler noticed he could get away with more and more he finally initiated the deportation, of Jews to work camps, to be worked to death. Little by little he did more and more till he initiated concentration camps there Jews would be either killed upon arrival or worked till their group's turn came. The genocide only increased going from attempted cover up to full-blown gathered and shot to death. In the ending of the war, the genocide only got worse as Nazi sought to hide evidence of their treatment by  attempting to kill all witnesses, which included even Jew in Germany.

Finally this period of horror ended as US troops and Soviet troops closed in on Germany, resulting in several suicides of Nazi officials including the very own Adolf Hitler, as well as attempts to cover up the treatment of Jews. In the end their were survivors of concentration camps, mainly men, as well as survivors on the outside who had managed to elude collection. These individuals are slowly dying off one by one taking their knowledge of what truly happened with them, despite documentation and interviews. To this day there is still a common belief that the Holocaust never happened, or happened by was extremely exaggerated, despite obvious proof. We can only do as much as to learn from past history, and ensure that nothing like the Holocaust or even slightly resembling happens again.