Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Experiment On You

We use the products, yet millions of animals suffer..
No one blinks an eye at the labs filled with animals that are used solely for the purpose of experimentation. That aren't even given a chance at life, at purpose. They're created and destroyed all for the purpose of making sure we stay safe. Since when were we superior? Oh yea, apparently always. Humans are the ones who need to be watched over, who need rules and regulations to keep society in order. Anything other than us is simply disposable income. We're the ones using said products, shouldn't we be the ones testing them? To make sure they're safe for our eyes? For our skin? Of course, right? Too bad no one wants to be the crash dummy, no one's willing to step in and be a guinea pigs to the products they'll turn right back around and use. Now what? Let's just use animals! Not like they have rights or a purpose in this world or anything. Psh, throw them in the lab, make them useful! I could say the same about you. What are you contributing to the world? Nothing? Oh really, don't worry we can just throw you in a lab and give you purpose! Take a seat right here. Does this burn? Are you getting a stinging feeling? Can't feel your face? Oh wells. Next! Try this. Oh you don't want to? Who said you had a choice, you need a purpose in life right? Now sit still we've only just began! Millions of animals are killed during this process, only to be documented as an Opps! disposed of and on to the next we go.

"Of the animals that the USDA collects numbers on, 1,438,553 were used in research in 2002." 1,438,553 animals in one year alone. Over 1,000,000 animals are in labs worldwide, these statics don't even include animals such as mice, rats and birds who's existence isn't required to be documented.
Multiple animals are boxed up and caged, stacked one upon another, that's their whole life, taken out only to be experimented on and may not even return to their small homes.Let's do this to you. Oh but no that's frowned upon, humans can't be caged they require attention and socialization. So do animals, but that doesn't seem to matter. "489, 262 animals that were used in research in 2002 (not including mice, rats, and birds—no one knows how many of these animals are used in research) were used in research that was either painful, distressful, or both" 489,262 animals, the same breeds you see in pet stores looking for nice homes, are tortured.

The facts don't lie, they're simply overlooked due to the superior complex humans have developed. 
We created this. We sent millions of animals to their deaths. We build these torture facilities. 
Something should be done about it.


  1. I obviously love animals, so this cruelty makes me sick. I understand that we need to make sure medicine is safe for people to use, but there is no reason to be inhumane about testing it on cute little animals. Would you like it if someone tested on your pet? I don't think so. This is no different! And what I really hate is when people test things like shampoo and makeup on animals. We can live without those things, and I know there are definitely ways to make sure those products are safe without animal testing since I use a lot of things that are not tested on animals and haven't gotten sick or anything.

  2. The facts are amazing on how many animals we actually test on. I personally believe that we should test on humans who agreed instead of animals.

  3. Exactly. Products we use should only be tested on humans, if we want them so bad then we should test them ourselves and make sure they're safe, not force animals to do the job.