Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth!?

Don't want to see it? Don't do it!

Remember that time you stubbed your toe? What was your first reaction? Did you say that out loud? Or maybe you just thought it? No biggie right? It's just a word. Everyone says it! For a society that has no problem censoring every media outlet, our society is pretty attached to foul words aren't we?

In today's day and age cursing is everywhere, the television, radio, books, etc. although censored, some words are not bleeped or cut off till half way through when the audience already knows what was said. Even when censored half way through human minds' have the tendency to finish the word if enough is implied. So why even bother? Some live shows have slip ups on curse words that aren't corrected till the second time it is played, the first viewers have already been exposed. So why even bother? Media is one of the main sources that curse words are picked up on, when younger we see the word being said over and over again and our impressionable minds absorb it as the norm. Although some households have a tighter censoring on the shows teenagers and children are allowed to watch, so where do they learn it from? Some children leave home with those words part of their mental vocabulary, and possibly no moral lesson from their parents not to use that word, when around their friends those words come out more regularly, and children exposed see this as "cool" or "everyone else is doing it" and have the tendency to curse more often around that group of kids than elsewhere. Cursing is everywhere. So why even bother?

Once we accept that children will pick up on and possibly use curse words, we should instead teach proper etiquette on when that language is absolutely not acceptable. Such as around adults, in any school setting( especially social media sites that are visible to any school faculty), during school-related events, church or other proper environments. Once we teach them when it is is not acceptable at a young age, it will be already on their minds as they become teenagers and have to truly know when it is appropriate, or risk losing jobs or  college acceptances due to foul language on social media sites or in person. I believe a different approach is needed to teach the problems of curse words to younger kids, so it will be with them as they grow and are exposed to peer pressure by others. Such as I am weary to curse do my parents teaching me at an impressionable age that it was a matter of class, and how you want to be viewed by others. Not just bad words. To me curse words shouldn't even be bothered with anymore, words more like "stupid", "hate", "retard", ect. are words that should be censored and taught as bad words to children, instead of having cartoons full of that language. Curse word exposure is inevitable, but language like that has the capability to be halted.

As for cursing on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, ect. it technically fits into the category as around friends. HOWEVER, if a teacher has visibility to those posts, or colleges/jobs that look you up to see how you behave outside of a proper environment. Why would you use that language? Frankly it's pretty disrespectful if you have teachers as friends or following you and you don't think twice about using that type of language, it's pretty much a slap in the face. You're only showing them that you have absolutely no morals or manners and you are completely disregarding them as who they are and putting them on the level of your peers. If your vocabulary is worst than a sailors, and you don't attempt to control that publicly, it's only ruining your image it's telling teachers, parents, jobs, and colleges alike that you have no morals. It becomes your fault if they now view you on a lesser level, or don't want you in their environment, because you obviously don't know how to act. 

Just keep it to yourself. Curse like a sailor to your heart's content. Just don't do it around me!

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